Lincolnshire Show

Posted by admin | General Blog | Thursday 25 June 2009 06:23

The weather could not have been better with ne’er a cloud in the sky for the running of the 125th Annual Lincolnshire Show. I had a very busy day but fulfilling day and got quite sunburned.

It’s all go…

Posted by admin | General Blog | Wednesday 17 June 2009 11:35

Very busy at the moment getting things together, networking on the other side of the Atlantic with other wedding professionals and adding the finishing touches to my website. I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my new Red Tailcoat ( which should arrive tomorrow, Thursday ).

Just booked a photo shoot for next Wednesday and then I can add the new photographs to my website on which I have just added an English Toastmaster Directory ( although I will be working in the USA, I am hoping to get my website near to the top of Google, so as to be of benefit to other toastmasters in the Association ).

The newsletter software has been installed and I am at present testing it on a number of self-owned email addresses before I open it up to my mailing list.

More news soon……