Chosen removers….

Posted by admin | General Blog | Wednesday 26 August 2009 13:43

After wading through the numerous quotes from international removers we have finally chosen AllPac Exports from Barnsley. Their quote was the best as some of the others were talking telephone numbers for the same services offered. Got to get in touch with a few questions but at least that part of the move is settled.
Got word back from US Immigration about my visa and they want more paperwork. We’re having to pay £55.00 for a piece of paper to be flown here from the states, but without I don’t get to move.

I’m being removed…..

Posted by admin | General Blog | Thursday 20 August 2009 07:02

All I want to do is get my belongings from Doncaster to Baton Rouge with the least amount of disruption and above all cost, but I am getting quotes from international removers that vary by thousands of pounds for the same amount of work. I am thinking of boxing everything up and sending in by DHL, UPS, Royal Mail… or any other mailing company.

There has got to be a way that I can just pack up my stuff, label it ( wife’s department ) and have it sent over the pond that is cost effective… but at the moment I am doubting it.

I’m also working on gathering notes to publish an article on the etiquette and protocol for Toastmasters on running a successful Burns Night in 2010 or in fact any year after that.

Busy as a bee…

Posted by admin | General Blog | Sunday 2 August 2009 06:53

It’s been a while since my last post, but I have just been so busy. As part of my business strategy, I am building my own database of Wedding and Event Planners for the U.S.A. It is going to be immensely useful to me for networking with other professional businesses and also for other projects planned for the future.
The amount of paperwork that has to be filed to enable me to obtain a visa to be able to live and work in the States, even though my wife is an American citizen is enormous. But in these troubled days I am sure there is a very good reason to sift through every application to keep out undesirables.
Well it’s back to the data gathering… will write more soon.