Busy Week Ahead…

Posted by admin | General Blog | Sunday 18 October 2009 22:48

I have one busy week ahead…. Meetings tomorrow with two Photographers, Dentist, haircut and networking with other wedding professionals Tuesday, English Toastmasters Trafalgar Day meeting in Chelmsford on Wednesday, Charity Golf match on Thursday, Friday I am working on websites and Saturday I have a Wedding. Loving it….

Robin Hood Country Show

Posted by admin | General Blog | Sunday 18 October 2009 22:47

Spent a very pleasant day yesterday at the Robin Hood Country Show.The weather held out and even though it was quite cool we enjoyed being out in it.

Member of the English Toastmasters Association

Posted by admin | General Blog | Sunday 4 October 2009 11:07

I spent an amazing three and a half days training last week in the company of Richard Palmer in Danbury, Essex.

I was privvy to more information about weddings whilst in his company than I could have ever have gained from reading books on the subject. I am primed and ready to perform my duties as an English Toastmaster and so much looking forward to moving to the States.