God Bless America….

Posted by admin | General Blog | Monday 3 May 2010 12:26

Well we finally made it to the USA, even though we cut it a bit fine ( My visa was delivered from the US Embassy in London at 5.25pm (at a cost of £450) on the day before we flew at 9.00am ).

We are now firmly ensconced in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the weather is warm and sunny at the moment but will get humid and warmer over the new few months. Getting to know the area a little and finding out where things are has not been much of a challenge as I have been researching for a few months using Google Earth to get around the place.

We both have iPhones now and are busy downloading Apps to make our lives easier and to stay in communication with everyone. Skype though, has been a boon for keeping in touch with family, friends and clients in the U.K.

I have added two more websites to the Toastmaster family as SE grabbers…. they are…. The English Toastmaster in the USA and The English Toastmaster in America

I am going to try to keep this Blog fresh now that the dust of our arrival has settled…. so more later