The ‘Who’s who in I do’ Wedding Show….

Posted by admin | General Blog | Saturday 18 September 2010 06:27

I had a booth at the Marriatt Convention Center last Sunday for the “Who’s who in I do” Wedding Show. Lots of brides and lots of interest but didn’t pick up a single job. I think I am going to have to educate the great American public about my services. Met some really nice people including Jason from Creative Photo Studio and Claire from Claire Elyse Photography. I will be recommending both these businesses to my brides.

Working this week on getting my Wedding Supplier New Orleans directory up and running, and hopefully getting out and about networking with local suppliers. Also hoping to finishing the wedding planner that I will be giving away free to all my brides to help them plan their weddings.

New Video Advertisement

Posted by admin | General Blog | Wednesday 8 September 2010 13:54

I have been working on preparing advertisements to run from my laptop onto a 22″ monitor at the upcoming “Who’s who in I do” Wedding Show this weekend in New Orleans. I’ve put the first one on Youtube, not bad for a first attempt. Choosing the right music was a challenge but Leona Lewis’s “A moment like this” won hands down.

New advertising leaflets….

Posted by admin | General Blog | Wednesday 8 September 2010 12:58

New Advertising Leaflet from Vistaprint
I designed my two-sided leaflet, uploaded it to the net, made my payment, (and I got a good discount as I’m a regular customer ) then 7 days later they were delivered to my door.
This is good service, so I just had to say something about the way printing is done these days. I have heard good and bad reports about Vistaprint, but I have been using them in the U.K. and also in the U.S.A. for a number of years and I have only good things to say about their print quality, customer service and shipping. It may be that I always use my own designs instead of the pre-designed templates on offer but the quality of the Business Cards, Postcards and Leaflets that I have had printed is second to none.
Keep up the good work guys…. I will be back for more.

Does this wedding dress make my butt look fat ?

Posted by admin | General Blog | Friday 3 September 2010 18:48

In a day and age where information about all things wedding related can be found on the internet, on TV and in books, I am always astounded at the amount of brides that wear wedding dresses that do not suit them for their special occasion.

TV programs such as “Say Yes to the Dress” do all they can to show brides the pitfalls of taking family and friends to choose your wedding dress. Week after week we see brides with a large entourage of the aforesaid family and friends ‘umming and arrghing’ at the dresses picked by the experts. OK, understandably the experts are trying to meet their sales targets but the brides still insist on relying on the advice of family and friends instead of listening to the people with the knowledge for the needs of their clients.

In my capacity as an English Toastmaster and On-the-Day Coordinator, I have seen some absolutely beautiful brides but on the other end of the scale also seen many wedding dress disasters.

Many brides are driven to buy dresses that do not suit them because ‘fashion’ dictates it. They buy a dress because they have read in some wedding magazine that someone who has a figure like a model says that it is trendy and the height of fashion. I know that the same applies to everyday life, with some people wearing things that do not suit them because they have been told that item is fashionable.

Some of these brides do not realize that their wedding day is probably one of the most important days of their lives and will be recorded forever in photographs and video. You can rely on your Wedding Photographer to capture the day, but you can’t rely on your Wedding Photographer to make your dress look better using Photoshop if they have not got the ammunition to start with.

Brides please take a long hard look in the mirror before purchasing your wedding dress. Make sure that YOU look at it from every angle before you buy.

Putting up Banner & Stands for Wedding Show

Posted by admin | General Blog | Thursday 2 September 2010 19:12

New Vinyl Banner & Stands

Nice day here ( again… ), hoping it starts cooling down a little soon, so I just thought that I would attempt to put up my new Wedding Show set up to make sure that I can manage it on my own. Going to look well I think….

I got the banner on Ebay from Kreative Labs in Texas, the price and quality is outstanding. Try them @

New Banner & Stands

Posted by admin | General Blog | Wednesday 1 September 2010 16:54

I took delivery of a new set of stands and a 4′ by 8′ vinyl banner for the upcoming Weddings in Style Show in New Orleans. I’ve been adapting the stand for a 10′ booth and will put a photograph up on my next post.
Busy week this week as I have to go back to Baton Rouge to our storage unit to get a monitor to show my presentation on and getting all the paperwork I need designed and printed.