OMG… you’re joking? That’s really your website?

Posted by admin | General Blog | Saturday 11 December 2010 10:31

OMG…. I honestly did not realise that business owners could be so unprofessional in the way that they show their products or services to the world….

Wearing my other hat as a web designer, I have been putting together a Wedding Suppliers New Orleans directory and in searching the search engines for listings to include in the directory, I have discovered some really bad websites. I am talking about websites run by professional people who pay a few bucks, sign up with the one of the many ‘Build your own website’ companies and just waste their money.

A few years ago I was told that ‘Everybody wants to be a Webmaster’ and it is so true in today’s market. Business owners think that they can save money by putting together their company website on a ‘Site Builder‘ but how wrong they are. I was recently approached by someone, wanting to sell their product online, regarding a price for designing a website for their company. I gave our standard price and the business owner never came back but a few weeks later I was asked for a link exchange from this domain name. You can imagine my curiosity as I surfed to the site… and the laugh I had when I got there. The website the company had put up was worse than those that my 11 years old students tried to create when I was teaching. Photographs didn’t show, links didn’t work, it was a complete mess and I can’t see anyone buying from this website. I researched the page and found that the site had been built using a ‘site builder’ and not only that, the company was charging twice as much as I do per month for hosting and I do updates free of charge.

If you want to portray your company as a professional business to your prospective clients, start with your website. Remember that most people these days ‘Google it’ when researching services or products, so find a web designer who will work for the price you want to pay and get a professional website that doesn’t  look like everyone else’s.

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  1. Comment by Ash — December 12, 2010 @ 07:31

    HAHAHA no way really? that bad? :P

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