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Posted by admin | General Blog | Thursday 28 April 2011 08:29

In the multi-million dollar wedding industry it is becoming increasingly apparent that a number of the self professed top resource websites want a bigger slice of the pie and now have listings on their websites for ‘Preferred Vendors’ which you may be fooled into thinking are the vendors picked by the websites owner as ‘hand picked’ for giving ‘excellent customer service’.

However, don’t be fooled into believing that all vendors with a listing under these sections are actually ‘hand picked’ or give ‘excellent service’. The ‘Preferred Vendors’, in most cases, are actually paying for their listings and the website owners are just raking in the advertising fees. At one time they were called ‘Sponsored Listings’ until someone realized that a lot of surfers skipped over the sponsored listings and went to the listings below, fearing that the companies sponsoring these links would be expensive to use as they paid for the listing.

This practice really saddens me because no longer is being on a preferred vendor list a great honor that points to the hard work the vendor has done to build that reputation, but just another form of paid advertising. The thing that really gets under my skin though, is the injustice done to the brides and in my book, a preferred vendor should be a vendor who has been investigated and used by a company with the quality of their services approved. When a bridal couple need wedding services, they should turn to your preferred vendors first, which means that being a preferred vendor can put a business in a powerful position.

Companies taking money for referring vendors to clients show a downright disregard for a client/customer service and companies using these tactics should be ‘named and shamed.’

Personally, the preferred vendors on my website are there because I have witnessed their work in action and can vouch for the quality and professionalism of their services.There is no kickback1 for me listing these people. I refer them because I recommend them highly!

There are no doubt, those who will disagree with my ramblings and say that it’s just business ( probably those who charge for preferred vendor status ) but I believe that telling the truth to my clients is my number one priority, as the truth always comes out in the end.

So, Brides & Bridegrooms remember to ask venues, planners and coordinators if their list of preferred vendors includes any paid entries or are they really hand picked for their services?

1A kickback is the practice of a vendor paying to be on a preferred list, or the recommending vendor getting a cut of the profits of a referral. I believe in deriving all my revenue from the hard work of promoting and providing excellent services and not through being someone else’s ‘advertiser’.


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